“Because of You”

Posted: Februari 18, 2008 in All About The Love Revolution

If ever you wondered

if you touched my soul

Yes you do

Since I meet you

It’s not the same

You bring life to everything I do

Just the way you say hello

With one touch I can’t let go

Never thought I’d fall in love with you

Because of you

My life has change

Thank you for the love and joy you bring

Because of you I feel to shame

I’ll tell the world

It’s because of you

Sometimes I get lonely

And all I gotta do is think of you

You captured something inside of me

You make all of my dreams come true

It’s not enough that you love me for me

You reached inside

And touched me eternally

I love you”

Best explains how I feel for you

The magic in your eyes

True love I can’t deny

When you hold me

I just lose control

I want you to know

That I’m never letting go

You mean so much to me

I want the world to see

It’s because of you


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